Got questions?  Here are some of the frequently asked ones.  Also, you can email us with any other ones.

How can I earn FREE stamps?


That's easy!  Just connect with us on Social Media and submit pictures.  Either pictures of your stamps or something you made with them.  The more pictures, the more changes you have to win.  We just randomly pick winners and say..."Hey, thanks for posting a pic, now go pick a free stamp"  It's that easy, so connect with us and make sure you tag us!

Tell me more about WOOD Stamps...
Our WOOD mounted stamps are deeply etched in red rubber, backed with high quality 1/8" thick grey foam adhesive, closely cut with a scroll saw and then mounted on white Canadian hard maple hourglass shaped wood.


Tell me more about CLING Stamps...


Our Cling stamps are the same great vulcanized, deeply cut red rubber, backed with high quality grey CLING foam so you can temporarily stick or "cling" it to an acrylic stamp block.  This process makes it easy to see exactly where you are stamping through the clear block!

How do Cling stamps stick to the acrylic block?


The Cling stamps come with a special static "CLING" foam.  Just peel off the storage sheet and stick it to the block.  If you don't have a block you can use a drinking glass.   When finished stamping just peel off and return to the backing sheet.  No adhesives required!

How do I clean my stamps?


Basically just mild soap and water, baby shampoo works great or we have a simple recipe here..

How can I be a wholesale dealer for Sunbeam Stamps?


It's easy, just email us and we will send you the info.